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Child Relocation Attorneys in Dothan, AL

child relocation attorneys in Dothan, AlabamaCertain life situations may make it difficult to keep custody matters the way they are. If you need to make changes to custody because of relocation, it is essential you work with an attorney who can help you through this process. The Dothan child relocation lawyers at Smith Law Firm, have been helping families throughout Alabama for years with matters relating to divorce, child custody and relocation.

Our approach to family law is one that is simple: we take a straightforward and assertive approach to resolving legal issues. We offer compassionate support and seek to resolve legal issues as efficiently as possible. Our team has the skills, knowledge and legal ability to resolve issues through negotiations, mediation and litigation. At Smith Law Firm, we are on your team.

Moving Children And Relocating In Alabama

If a parent wants to move with a child(ren), the parent (by law) must give notice to the other parent at least 45 days before the anticipated move. If the noncustodial parent does not approve the move, he or she can file an objection. Some considerations that the courts will consider when determining if a custody modification will be granted include:

  • Child’s relationship with person who is relocating
  • Relationship with nonrelocating parent
  • Age and development stages
  • Increase in travel time
  • Availability of ultimate means of communication
  • Preserving relationship with nonrelocating parent

Moving Because Of A Job?

Today, parents seek to move with children because of job opportunities, other relationships, military reasons and for other circumstances. At our firm, we provide objective advice about the situation and set realistic expectations about the likely outcome. We will help you understand your options so you are able to make an informed decision for you and your family.

Serving Areas Such As Ozark And Enterprise — Custody Modification Lawyers

At Smith Law Firm, our clients value the personalized approach that we take to resolving legal issues. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact our firm at 334-702-1744.

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