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Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys in Dothan, Alabama

sexual assault lawyers in Dothan, AlabamaAccusations of a sex crime can have a lasting negative impact on your basic rights, financial future, and personal reputation. In fact, people have a hard time getting rid of the stigma associated with most sex crimes, even if they are cleared of their charges.

Life will never be the same again for individuals who are convicted of a sex crime. Unfortunately, these people often face ostracism and discrimination after they are released from prison. They are usually sentenced to penalties that may be unreasonably severe for the crime committed.

Penalties for a sex crime conviction could include the following:

  • Years, even decades in prison or jail
  • Hefty fines for thousands of dollars
  • Registration as a sex offender, likely for life
  • Civil forfeiture of property
  • Limitations and restrictions on where you may reside or work
  • Loss of certain rights, such as the right to possess a firearm or the right to vote

Depending on the nature of the charges against you, the specific penalties will differ. First, based on whether the offense was a felony or misdemeanor, you could be behind bars in a state prison or county jail for years. Besides, you could also be fined thousands of dollars.

Child Molestation

If convicted of child molestation, the offender could be fined up to $60,000. While these penalties can be life-changing, the most permanent repercussion of such a conviction is being registered as a sex offender. This record is available publicly and contains details such as the name, image, address, and conviction details.

Child molestation refers to any form of sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a child below the age of 12, and it is charged as rape. Upon being convicted of child molestation, a person could face up to ten years of imprisonment and be charged up to $60,000 in penalties.

Child Pornography

Child pornography is another type of sex crime and could include the possession, dissemination, production, or sale of child pornography. A person found to be knowingly in possession of child pornography will be charged with a Class C felony, which involves a minimum jail time of one year up to a maximum of ten years.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure refers to exposing one’s genitals in a public setting with the intention of offending others around them or for their own sexual satisfaction, and it is classified as a misdemeanor. People convicted of indecent exposure could face up to one year behind bars and a fine of $6,000.


It is unlawful in Alabama to not only engage in prostitution but also to hire a prostitute. Prostitution encompasses any situation which involves participating in sexual activity for some form of compensation. It is a Class A misdemeanor, which is the most serious type of misdemeanor. A person convicted of this offense could face up to one year of imprisonment.

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape and child molestation are distinct in that while the victim is under the age of consent, they are above twelve years of age. Apart from this, in statutory rape, the offender does not necessarily use violence or force.

The people involved could be dating each other, and the minor may consent to engage in sexual activity. However, a minor cannot give consent in the eyes of the law. Statutory rape is classified as a Class B felony and a second-degree rape in Alabama. A person convicted of a Class B felony faces minimum jail time of two years, up to 20 years.

Strong Sex Crimes Defense Strategy

Regardless of the type of sex crime, you are charged with, you deserve to have a strong, aggressive, and thorough defense. Often, sex crimes are widely publicized. Law enforcement may be in a rush to build a case against you, even if that means they have to cut some corners in the process.

In such circumstances, you need a seasoned Alabama sex crime attorney who can conduct their own in-depth investigation into your case to reveal these weaknesses, indicating a violation of your rights or other poor evidence. In certain cases, the below-mentioned defenses can get charges either reduced or dismissed entirely:

  • Cases based on unproven, untrustworthy, or false testimony
  • Civil rights violations, such as the right to a lawyer and the right to not incriminate oneself
  • Alternative explanations for specific digital evidence
  • Withholding or disregarding potentially exonerating proof
  • Lack of intent or knowledge, both of which are necessary for certain sex-related charges

The skilled legal team at Smith Law Firm will work hard to prove your innocence if your case is forced to go to trial. We engage expert investigators and witnesses to refute the evidence presented by the prosecutor. In certain sex crime cases, we will have psychologists evaluate clients. If the mental health professional finds that you do not fit the profile of a person who usually commits these types of crimes, this information could be used as evidence.

In many sex crimes, it is one person’s word against the other. In a bid to have the charges against you dropped, our lawyers may be able to present evidence and convince the court that your version of events is more believable.

Legal Help from Skilled Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Alabama

The aftermath of a sex crime conviction can be life-altering. Working with a seasoned criminal defense attorney can make a real impact on your case, whether you believe you have been wrongly accused or unwittingly made a mistake. The attorneys at the law offices of Smith Law Firm have your back, and we will fight tirelessly to protect your rights in court.

We have a comprehensive understanding of Alabama criminal law, and decades of experience offers us a unique vantage point as criminal defense lawyers. Our track record of winning cases for clients is top-notch. We will evaluate all the nuances of your case and keep you informed on the status of your lawsuit. Call us today at (334) 702-1744 to learn more about how our criminal defense lawyers can help you.

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