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Property Damage Lawyers in Dothan, Alabama

Burglary attorneys in Dothan, AlabamaProperty crimes include offenses that relate to the taking or violation of something that belongs to someone else, whether by trespassing, threat, deception, technology, violence or other means. Depending on the type of charge, a property crime conviction can lead to serious consequences like the loss of a job, large fines or time in jail or prison.

As defense attorneys, we do not take these matters lightly.

Under Alabama law, the monetary value of stolen items can determine the level of the charges, as can an accused person’s criminal record and the circumstances involved in the alleged offense. Generally speaking, the theft of goods worth less than $500 is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, while a value above $500 can bring felony charges.

Thorough Defense When Your Freedom Is at Stake

If your freedom or career is at stake, you need a defense lawyer who not only knows the law inside and out, but who will also leave no stone unturned in developing the strongest possible defense against the charges. When we take on a case, our lawyers are extremely thorough in examining, testing and challenging every aspect of the prosecution’s charges, including:

  • The evidence being used
  • Whether there are multiple claims to property
  • Proper identification of a suspect
  • Whether law enforcement obeyed the law in arrests, in obtaining confessions and in retrieval of allegedly stolen property
  • Valuation of the property in question

Contact a Dothan Theft Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, we will listen to your side of the story, help you understand your legal rights and options and, if you choose us to represent you, develop and execute the best possible defense strategy for you. Contact the lawyers of Smith Law Firm at 334-702-1744 for advice about your case.

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