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Custody and Visitation - Smith Law Firm

Child Custody Arrangements for Young Children

By Smith Law Firm |

Alabama law allows 20 days for divorcing parents to voluntarily arrive at a decision regarding the physical and legal custody of their children. But this is easier said than done. Decisions regarding child custody and visitation are often emotionally charged and adversely affected by the resentment both parties may share toward each other. A… Read More »

accident reconstruction

The Importance Of An Accident Reconstruction Specialist For Your Case

By Smith Law Firm |

Accident reconstruction experts offer invaluable service in terms of litigating personal injury and wrongful death cases that may involve multiple motor vehicles. The latest tools and techniques to collect and analyze evidence combined with the expertise of an accident reconstructionist to recreate the events leading to the car accident can make or break a… Read More »

electronic logging device

What Do Electronic Logging Devices Mean for Your Truck Accident Claim?

By Smith Law Firm |

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) were made mandatory by the federal government in 2017 for all commercial truck drivers. This was done to monitor the number of hours spent by commercial truck drivers behind the wheel. ELDs can provide crucial information and evidence in a truck accident claim. In relation to this, it requires an… Read More »

international divorce

Unique Issues with Divorce for International Couples

By Smith Law Firm |

A divorce between two people from different countries can result in unique legal problems. There are certain legal aspects involving child custody, marital asset division, alimony, and child support that need to be carefully analyzed in an international divorce even when the divorce process is amicable. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities… Read More »

calculating lost income for self employed-min

Calculating Lost Income For Self-Employed Individuals After a Car Accident

By Smith Law Firm |

Losing your job or missing out on work and income because of the injuries you suffered in a car accident can create financial hardships. The losses can be even more severe for self-employed individuals. On top of it, it’s hard to precisely compute the loss of future income in the case of the self-employed…. Read More »

adopted children dealing with divorce

Adopted Children Might Need Extra Support During an Alabama Divorce

By Smith Law Firm |

When couples choose adoption to grow their family, it brings incredible joy to their lives. In relation to this, if at some point in time, the parents of an adopted child decide to split, it can create a complicated situation. Children always suffer regardless of the parents’ sincere efforts to try and shield them… Read More »

spleen injury

Spleen Injuries After a Car Crash

By Smith Law Firm |

Car accidents can result in many different types of bodily injuries, including spleen injuries. Spleen is a critically important organ located in the upper left corner of the abdominal region. It works to filter old blood cells and fight infections. Spleen injuries are almost always serious in nature. In fact, a ruptured spleen may… Read More »

amputation injury in Dothan, Alabama

Amputation Injuries After an Accident

By Smith Law Firm |

Permanent limitations or disabilities can sometimes occur in a person’s life following a catastrophic accident and injury. When a victim suffers the loss of a limb during an accident or because of surgical amputation, it can result in lifelong disability, need for rehab, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and psychological problems. Financial stress… Read More »

dog bite injury attorney

When Do You Need a Lawyer for A Dog Bite?

By Smith Law Firm |

An animal attack or a dog bite can be a traumatizing ordeal. Even a little puppy may have the jaw strength to snap your fingers in two. Certain breeds of dogs have immense power to cause harm during an attack or dog bite. With over 4.5 million dog bites occurring each year in the… Read More »

pet custody attorney

Pet Custody Battles in a Divorce

By Smith Law Firm |

It takes serious effort and commitment to bring two lives together after a wedding. The process of divorce to separate those lives takes just as much work. Among the numerous family law issues that must be settled in a divorce, it is also important to consider the issue of pet custody. You may enter… Read More »