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cryptocurrency in divorce

The Growing Issue of Cryptocurrency During a Divorce

By Smith Law Firm |

Cryptocurrency is a relatively complex asset in digital form. However, like any other asset, it is subject to the rules of marital property and separate property. These currencies only exist in a virtual form that involves the use of cryptography for helping make ownership and transactions secure. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are… Read More »

accident victim with permanent injuries

Damages For Accident Victims with Permanent Injuries

By Smith Law Firm |

There are two common kinds of permanent injuries – disfigurement and amputation. Victims generally face significant emotional anguish and pain related to either of these permanent injuries: amputation and disfigurement. Disfigurement can affect any part of the body following a car collision. It usually affects the face or a visible extremity. Burn injuries are… Read More »

mediation lawyer

How Mediation Differs from Litigation During an Alabama Divorce

By Smith Law Firm |

Going through a divorce can be a very overwhelming as well as traumatic experience. It often seems like you have too many vital decisions to make in a short amount of time, not least of which is to go through the legal process to end your relationship. Separation from your partner can result in… Read More »

carpool accident

Who’s Liable in a Company Carpool Accident?

By Smith Law Firm |

Carpooling or ridesharing has become a very common thing to do over the past several years as it is very convenient for all parties involved. This concept has been adopted by people and put to use for plenty of different purposes ranging from general travel, taking your kids to school, or going to work… Read More »

child support and extracurricular activities

Does Child Support Cover Your Kid’s Extracurricular Activities?

By Smith Law Firm |

The child support system keeps changing, which can make it difficult for you to keep track of how much to pay and how the amount benefits your child. There is a wide range of hobbies and activities to keep kids busy today. This can sometimes add to the confusion regarding the child support issue…. Read More »

what if my car accident claim has been denied?

What Should I Do If My Auto Accident Claim is Denied?

By Smith Law Firm |

It is tough when you are involved in an auto accident that occurred because of another’s fault. Dealing with insurance companies afterward only makes it worse. You may be facing considerable medical expenses along with lost wages if you got seriously injured. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t make it easy for the injured victims to… Read More »

divorce for stay-at-home moms

Advice For Stay-At-Home Moms During a Divorce

By Smith Law Firm |

A majority of stay-at-home moms and dads are individuals who have given up careers to dedicate their daily lives to their children and families. In doing so, they not just make sure to provide healthy meals and clean clothes for their kids, but also provide critical support for the career growth of their spouses…. Read More »

mediation lawyer

When Can Mediation Be Used in a Personal Injury Claim?

By Smith Law Firm |

For a long time now, the US legal system has been trying to gravitate more towards a civil court system that consumes less time, is cost-effective, and is not as blatantly adversarial as the current system that handles the resolution of personal injury cases. As a result, different types of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms… Read More »

what happens to my retirement accounts in a divorce?

What Happens to Your Retirement Account During a Divorce?

By Smith Law Firm |

Divorce typically brings with it emotional distress, often accompanied by financial battles over splitting up assets, such as the marital home, real estate, and investments. Retirement accounts and pension plans are critical assets, much fought over in divorce proceedings, especially where a dependent spouse without any savings is involved. Retirement plans being the vehicles… Read More »

divorce during a personal injury case

How a Pending Divorce Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

By Smith Law Firm |

While divorce can be arduous and stressful by itself, a pending personal injury case can add to your woes. If you stand to recover personal injury damages in the midst of a divorce, you may be right in wondering how much of it is yours and how much would you need to split with… Read More »