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Traffic Violations Attorney in Dothan, AL

traffic violation lawyer - Smith Law FirmTraffic violations don’t always mean there’s criminal activity, but being cited for a traffic citation can have major consequences. Which is why if you have been issued a traffic ticket or a violation, calling an Alabama traffic violation attorney can be in your best interest. This is especially true if you have a record of multiple traffic violations and are facing consequences like license suspension.

Traffic Violations in Alabama

There are several different traffic violations in Alabama that can affect your driver’s license points, require you to pay a fee, and may impact your insurance premiums. As listed by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, these traffic violations include:

  • Speeding;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Failure to yield right of way;
  • Passing a stopped school bus;
  • Illegal passing;
  • Following too closely/tailgating;
  • Failing to follow the instructions of a traffic control device;
  • Unsafe operation;
  • Coasting;
  • Making illegal U-turn or improper turn;
  • Improper operation of a motorcycle;
  • Drinking alcohol while operating a motor vehicle;
  • Inability to control a motor vehicle; and
  • Other moving violations.

This list is not complete. Things like failing to stop for a police officer and racing, amongst other violations, are also serious traffic offenses. Our lawyers have experienced representing clients facing the above traffic violation charges and more.

Penalties for Traffic Violations

The penalties for a traffic violation vary depending upon the type of violation committed. For example, drinking alcohol while operating a motor vehicle can have criminal penalties that include jail time, not to mention the revocation of a driver’s license, a large fine, and the potential requirement to perform community service, attend an alcohol education class, or outfit one’s car with an interlock ignition device.

Traffic violations can also lead to points on a driver’s license record. The number of points added corresponds with the offense. For example, speeding between one and 25 miles over the speed limit is a two-point offense, whereas speeding 26 miles per hour or more over the speed limit is a five-point offense.

Getting points on your record can have consequences. In fact, if you get between 12-14 points, you will face an automatic license suspension for 60 days. The suspension is increased if more points are incurred. If you accumulate 24 (or more) points over a two-year period, you will face a one-year license suspension period.

If getting your driver’s license revoked doesn’t sound bad enough, consider that a single traffic offense may result in an increase in your car insurance premiums. Insurance companies charge risky drivers more; if you commit a traffic offense, you’re telling the insurance company that you are a driver who isn’t as safe, and is therefore at an increased risk of being in an accident.

If you are a commercial driver, you may have your commercial driver’s license automatically or/and permanently revoked depending upon the offense.

Of course, you will also face a fine if you are issued a traffic citation. The amount of the fine is dependent upon the offense.

What Are My Options When Issued a Traffic Ticket?

If you are issued a traffic ticket, you have several options. What you choose to do may depend on the specifics of the traffic violation and your traffic violation history. For example, if you are issued a speeding ticket and it is your first offense, and you were only going ten miles per hour over the limit, simply paying the fine may be your best option, especially if attending traffic school to potentially have the ticket dismissed is an option.

On the other hand, if you have already accumulated multiple points on your driving record then you have more to lose, pleading guilty to the offense may not be your best choice. In this case, you should hire an attorney before you do anything else. Pleading not guilty and fighting the traffic violation charge may be the best choice to prevent the points from going on your record and risking having your license suspended or other penalties.

How Can an Alabama Traffic Violations Attorney Help Me?

As stated above, the first thing that you should do if you are issued a traffic ticket is to call an experienced traffic violations attorney in Alabama. Indeed, you may want to consider doing this even if you are only facing a minor traffic violation charge if you do not want to incur points on your record or face an insurance premium increase.

Here’s how an attorney can help you:

  • Review your case. When you call our Alabama traffic violations attorney, you can get a review of your case. This alone may provide you with the information that you need to make your next move (plead guilty or not guilty to the charge). Having a legal professional review your case can help you understand what to do next.
  • Provide you with legal advice and answer your tough questions. An attorney is also available to help you understand the charges you’re facing, the potential consequences, and your options. If you have questions, an attorney will have legally relevant and accurate answers.
  • Represent you at a traffic court hearing. If you are planning on pleading “not guilty” and fighting the traffic charges you’re facing, you’ll surely want to have an attorney on your side. Our lawyers can represent you at your traffic court hearing. More than this, an attorney can review the evidence that is being used against you, and help you build a strong defense.

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If you have been charged with a traffic violation, please don’t hesitate to call our Alabama law offices to learn more about the options and resources available to you. We are a team of skilled attorneys with experience managing cases like yours. You can stop by our office at your convenience, send us a confidential message using the online form on our website, or call us directly at 334-702-1744.

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